Ethereum Signatures

The Switcheo docs go into extensive detail about how to authenticate messages ( on the NEO blockchain. These complications have been abstracted to make it easier for the developer to use to allow for quicker development of their project.

This also means it is no longer necessary to run both create and execute portions of the authenticated client tasks since both are handled with the higher level functions listed below.

Sign Create Cancellation

sign_create_cancellation(cancellation_params, private_key)

Sign Execute Cancellation

sign_execute_cancellation(cancellation_params, private_key)

Sign Create Deposit

sign_create_deposit(deposit_params, private_key)

Sign Execute Deposit

sign_execute_deposit(deposit_params, private_key, infura_url)

Sign Create Order

sign_create_order(order_params, private_key)

Sign Execute Order

sign_execute_order(order_params, private_key)

Sign Create Withdrawal

sign_create_withdrawal(withdrawal_params, private_key)

Sign Execute Withdrawal

sign_execute_withdrawal(withdrawal_params, private_key)